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My name is Kat McNeal, and I am eager to share with you the most valuable knowledge I have gained as a woman when it comes to personal beauty.  It is really no secret.  It is just something we do not take enough time to appreciate.  Do you want to know what it is?  You!  You are the secret.  Your natural beauty is key to creating style on the fly – a style that is both easy and captivating.  We spend so much effort trying to look like everyone else that we often miss the most crucial element to creating the perfect look.  We are all made uniquely beautiful, and we need to understand the basics to truly achieve the beauty we desire as women.  Through the process of color, body and frame analysis, I will help you understand the importance of wearing the right colors and styles to best compliment the woman God made you to be.


Styling Fireflies

Style on the Fly is for every woman, including tweens and teens.  It is my mission to make a difference in a world that can often leave us feeling defeated or unworthy.  Let me share with you where the name Style on the Fly comes from – it is my favorite part.  I wanted the name to reflect an easy and applicable message.  I wanted to promote the importance of being a good steward with time and money.  But most importantly, I was passionate that the name must honor the Truth, and that true and lasting beauty comes from within.

Fly obviously offers an understanding of creating a style that is fast and efficient, but truth be known it come from fireflies.  Fireflies are bioluminescent.  Their light shines from the inside and are captivating to us on the outside.  They are timeless and fun, and bring out a youthfulness in us.  This is my approach to beauty, this is the heart of Style on the Fly.  The rest is just accessories.

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