Packing Light


The summer months often equate to travel and vacations, and for my family, it is no different.  Our summer is especially “packed” as we are in the middle of a move.  This results in living out of suitcases and bouncing from home to home visiting family and friends before we settle into the next place….

Cluttered to Confident


This time of year we often have the urge to declutter and organize our closets (especially for us military wives prepping for another move).  Therefore, I decided to share the closet housekeeping tips found in “Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear” by Shari Braendel.  Shari is the founder of Fashion Meets Faith and…

The Importance of Color


Color is often the most noticeable thing people remember.  It can influence our mood, as well as our perception of size and shape, even someone’s age. Choosing and combining the right colors for your wardrobe is key for creating that “head-to-toe” look. The right colors can: Make your eyes sparkle Make you look younger, slimmer…