Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

September 27, 2015 0 Comments

Happy Fall Ya’ll!  I recently had the great pleasure to dial into our semi-annual Fashion Meets Faith conference call with our fearless mentor and style fashionista, Shari Braendel.  With Autumn officially upon us, I couldn’t wait to share some of the top style trends of the season that you are going to see in the stores.

Top 10 Women’s Trends for Fall 2015

  1. 70’s vibe – flare jeans and pants, dressy or casual, fringe in small doses, bohemian look. Boyfriend and distressed jeans are still popular
  2. Colors of the Season – Marsala “wine” red, browns and grays. Electric colors are in too, in small doses, especially for DCC’s light, cool, and clear. Electrics are best paired with neutral navy, gray or camel. “Winter Cream” is popular too, great for bags, knits and booties
  3. Tights – all patterns to include classics, Victorians, cityscapes, text, geometric, ombre. Great with boots, booties, and chunky sweaters
  4. Chunky Knits – cable knit sweaters, big weave
  5. Blazers – Long/Loose and Structured/Fitted. If glamour girls go for the long blazer, be sure to not go any longer than fingertip length
  6. Turtlenecks – chunky, or thin layered under dresses
  7. Statement Earrings – do not wear coupled with a statement necklace. Wear chandeliers, don’t be one
  8. Booties – great in your neutrals, “winter cream”, or simply match your hair color to always match you
  9. Winter Florals – dark background with bright floral prints
  10. Puffer coats great way to add in one of your pop colors

Trends shown here:

If you have young ladies in your life that you are trying to raise up to dress with style and dignity, here are the top teen trends for this fall:

Top 5 Teen Trends for Fall 2015

  1. “Gameday” Apparel – shirts with #s, team jersey look
  2. 70’s vibe
  3. Tie-Die
  4. Florals with Army Jacket
  5. Camouflage

Now, please don’t rush out to buy one of every item!  These trends do not compliment every woman and that would certainly not compliment your wallet.  I would suggest adding 2-3 top trends that mix into your existing wardrobe.  A great blazer or booties to go along with your jeans, or a chunky (and may I add comfy) knit sweater in one of your neutral colors would be an easy to incorporate item to be in style this fall.  Remember, dress your frame proportionately.  Rock Stars (5’ 8” and taller), go extra big with those statement earrings.  Glamour Girls (5’ 2” and under), be sure to not go too oversized with the chunky knits – you don’t want to look like you are drowning in your clothes.  Always remember, a balanced look is the best look!  Have fun shopping this fall!

Let Your Light Shine,