The Importance of Color

November 4, 2015 0 Comments

Color is often the most noticeable thing people remember.  It can influence our mood, as well as our perception of size and shape, even someone’s age. Choosing and combining the right colors for your wardrobe is key for creating that “head-to-toe” look.

The right colors can:

  • Make your eyes sparkle
  • Make you look younger, slimmer and energetic
  • Give your skin a healthy glow
  • Save you time and money because you know what not to wear
  • Build your confidence

Once you know your colors, your closet will become a coordinating collection of selection that will always match you.

Colors that are not in your palette have the opposite effect:

  • Dull your complexion, magnify skin imperfections
  • Make you appear tired
  • Make you appear older
  • Give the illusion of added weight

Are these not all the things women spend billions of dollars on each year to change about themselves? In 2013, The Huffington Post reported that women collectively spent $426 billion on beauty products.

Simply wearing the right colors will win you half the battle.  When you wear the right colors, you, not the clothes or the products, become captivating.  Think about it, think about nature.  Some of the most glorious forms are embodied by color: the pinks and orange of a sunset, the pure white of snow, and as a southern girl, I love the emerald green of the Gulf Coast.  And this time of year, the yellows, reds and purples of the fall leaves are simply lovely.  As a creation of God, you are the same. Wearing the right colors can make you just as captivating.  Be captivating!

Let Your Light Shine,