Cluttered to Confident

January 26, 2016 0 Comments

This time of year we often have the urge to declutter and organize our closets (especially for us military wives prepping for another move).  Therefore, I decided to share the closet housekeeping tips found in “Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear” by Shari Braendel.  Shari is the founder of Fashion Meets Faith and the ministry behind Style on the Fly.

As seen in the picture below, these tips are most helpful when using your personal 36 color swatches that you receive after a color analysis.  A big THANK YOU to Ally for sharing her picture and her consultation experience at


Before you begin, if you would like to know your best color and receive your personal swatches, I am available for a virtual color analysis from the comfort of your own home.  Contact me to schedule an appointment or send me private message via Facebook.  If you are wondering why color is so important, I encourage you to read my previous post regarding color.

Back to your closet.

The goal of this project is to keep your closets and drawers filled only with those items you like, are in flattering colors, and fit you just right.

  1. If you haven’t worn the item in the last year, take it out.  If that item is in a color that you shouldn’t be wearing, you don’t like it, or you know you’ll never fit into it, get rid of it.
  2. If you haven’t worn the item in the last year because it doesn’t fit but you feel confident that you will wear it one day (and it’s a great color), take it out of your closet and put it in a storage box, label and store the box in another part of your home.
  3. If you have special occasion items that you haven’t worn in the last year, find a place for them outside of your regular closet as well.
  4. If you have worn an item in the last year, but you are still not sure if the color is right for you, use your color swatches to determine what colors work and what won’t.  Get rid of the unflattering ones.
  5. Try on the clothes that you’ve worn in the last year to assure a proper fit.  Do this for the pieces that you are not sure about. Keep or remove the items according to the instructions above.  If there are pieces that need alterations, put them in a pile and take them to a tailor when you have some time.  At this point, you should now have a pile of clothes that fit you, that you like, and that make you look great.  Only these items belong in your closet.
  6. Organize your closet according to style and color.  Hang all pants together and group them by color. Do this for skirts, dresses, shirts, and so on.
  7. Start an inventory list (Style Book is a great app if you prefer this method).  Do you notice you have more or less of a particular item, color?  Make note of the pieces of clothing that you will probably want to buy.
  8. Follow the same steps for your drawers and other storage areas.
  9. Now organize your shoes according to the same rules.  Separate them according to fall/winter and spring/summer.
  10. Take a look at your undergarments.  Do you have a proper fitting bra?  Are you in need of a shaper? Adding proper support and smoothing out the panty lines will offer a boost of confidence.

As women we can often be emotional about our clothes due to memories made or money spent.  If you find yourself struggling with this on your own, invite a girlfriend over to help.  If you are local to the Leavenworth area, I am available to be your unemotional style friend to take your closet from cluttered to confident!

Let Your Light Shine,