Packing Light

July 20, 2016 0 Comments

The summer months often equate to travel and vacations, and for my family, it is no different.  Our summer is especially “packed” as we are in the middle of a move.  This results in living out of suitcases and bouncing from home to home visiting family and friends before we settle into the next place.  We left our last home on June 9 and finally arrived to our next residence on July 10.  During that 31 day period, we unloaded our family of five at eight different locations, and I stayed busy with a variety of activities to include working-on-the-road Style Appointments, church, pool days, workouts, a birthday party, lunch dates, family reunion potluck, and more.  That being said, you can imagine how important it is to pack efficiently.

In preparation for our travels, it came time for me to practice what I preach.  I advise clients the best purchases are items that will coordinate with at least three existing items in your closet to create ease and simplicity in your wardrobe.  Same holds true for packing.  Items you pack should coordinate with other pieces in your travel wardrobe, and if possible be versatile for various activities.

Do you want to know how I made my 31 days work?  Here is what was in my suitcase:

3 t-shirts – for lounge wear and travel days
2 pajama pants
3 tank tops – used as camis too
3 sets workout clothes – all mix and match
3 dresses – 1 doubles as a swim coverup
1 white pairs of jeans
1 chambray skirt
4 shorts
7 tops
3 swim suits – 2 mix and match
4 pairs of shoes – neutral shoes offer more variety


Can’t forget a few accessories to add that finishing touch:

2 necklaces
3 pairs pf earrings – can you tell I like turquoise? It’s a pop of color that matches everything!
1 watch
1 bracelet



I have to make note that washer/dryers made this possible, as well as easy-care items.  So my advice to you when staying with family and friends, ask, a good host won’t mind at all!  Final thought, pack what you love to wear.  It’s vacation and you want to be comfortable and confident.  When you do, you will shine!

Let your light shine,