“Smart Style Delivered”

August 27, 2016 0 Comments

I’m thrilled to finally share with you a new company, Natalie Attired.  Their motto is, “Smart Style Delivered.”

Head over to this link and begin filling out your personal profile today.

So what makes this company different?  A group of stylists will pick out 5 coordinating items for you based on your Dominant Color Category, body type & frame size.  If you’ve had a color & style session with me you know these are the 3 essentials for knowing your best look.  Finally, there is a company, Natalie Attired, taking this into consideration- and styling you at home!

Once you fill out your profile, you choose a date that you want your 5 items shipped to you.  You will pay a $20 styling fee, but if you choose to keep any of the items in your box, that fee goes toward the purchase of those items. Don’t like what’s in your box?  Send it all back in the pre-paid envelope included.  Just drop if off in a mailbox within 3 days.  Love it all?  Then you’ll get a discount over your entire box!  No requirement to subscribe and no remembering to cancel anything.

I’ve ordered twice and it was so fun when that beautiful box arrived at my door with hand-picked items just for me!  In my first box I kept 2/5 items.  My favorite piece is the coral tunic shown below that I pair with white jeans or blue jeans.  It’s easy to dress up or down with wedges or flats.  I get compliments every single time I wear it.  In my 2nd box, I kept 2/5 items again- a navy casual top with just a little flare as you can see, and a short melon-colored sleeveless dress that can be worn alone or layered under items I already own.  Again, lots of compliments, but more importantly, I feel confident when I wear the Natalie Attired selections.

IMG_1678 (1) IMG_0223

While I do enjoy shopping, I love seeing how other stylists would dress me.  I like getting trendier pieces that I don’t have time to hunt for right now.  Most of all, I love receiving items in my best COLORS!!! These are all things addressed when I filled out my profile.  This company asks for pictures so they can see what you’d look best in.  Genius!  So, I hope you will give Natalie Attired a try!

Let your light shine,


September 2, 2016