Cool Weather Trends

September 26, 2016 0 Comments

Last week I had to pleasure of being apart of our semi-annual Fashion Meets Faith Fall/Winter Trends 2016 conference call.  This is a chance to hear what the designers are forecasting as the top styles this season.  More importantly, I get to pass this style report on to you as you transition your closet to a cool weather collection.

To see the top trends below, check out my Pinterest Board.

  1. Vests – great for layering regardless of the climate you live in.
  2. Faux suede – or sometimes called “vegan” suede. Great way to add a pop of color too.
  3. Velvet – great for blazers. Try a neutral color with dress pants or a pop color with jeans.
  4. Faux Fur – not just a classic fur but colored too.
  5. Puffer Jackets – slimmer silhouette this year.
  6. Cold-shoulder Tops – open shoulders are still in.
  7. Shearling – “faux lamb fur” on cuffs, collars, or additional detailing on blouses.
  8. Capelets – shorter lengths this year.
  9. Flare Jeans – dark wash makes for a dressier look. Teens still prefer distressed.
  10. Statement Chokers – don’t forget to match your frame size.
  11. Chunky Cable Knit Sweaters – makes for a cozy look.
  12. Fringe – don’t go overboard. A pair of booties, purse, or jacket detail add a nice touch.
  13. Plaid – shirts or dresses, and scarves are most cost effective and keep it simple.
  14. Bomber Jackets – metallic, denim, faux suede, all types.
  15. Shoes include open-toe booties to possibly pair with colored tights and flat black booties worn best with the skinny pant.

Trends are fun but remember, the trends worth following are the ones that fit into your existing wardrobe. Adding 2-3 that compliment your frame and body shape is key to being a stylish steward.  A neutral colored vest, booties that match your hair color, or pop color blazer to pair with your flare jeans are a few ideas to consider. Check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas.  Final tip, before you go out to browse these new looks in the stores review your closet and decide what works with your style and natural beauty to shop with a purpose.

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