Virtual Styling

September 2, 2016 0 Comments

Hello Fireflies!

Have you ever purchased or tried on an outfit that just did not look the same as it did on the model?  Or have you seen yourself in pictures only to realize that the selection did not flatter you the way you hoped?  This doesn’t have to happen again.

You are a unique creation, fearfully and wonderfully made, so of course clothes aren’t going to look the same on you as the next person.  Our hair, eyes, and complexion vary about as much as our shape and height.  When this is taken into consideration, you can achieve the look you desire.  Furthermore, I can teach your how to simplify your style and create more looks with fewer items because you will know how to pair items together to match you.  Understanding how to complement your natural beauty by wearing your best colors, dressing in styles that flatter your figure, you will shine, and not the clothes.

Would you like to learn the essentials to creating the best look for you?  Not local, no problem!  I am available for Virtual Style Appointments.

How does a virtual styling appointment work?

1. I email you a short questionnaire regarding your natural beauty.
2. You return the questionnaire along with 3 pictures of yourself.
3. I respond with your Style Profile that includes your best colors and style tips specific to your body.
4. We meet via FaceTime video chat or Skype for 30 minutes to discuss your profile and answer any questions you may have.
5. I mail your 36-color palette for you to keep and use for your future styling needs.


IMG_3465“The investment was WELL worth it.  Kat will save you thousands of dollars in the long run as she will teach you what to purchase and what not to purchase.  I want to refer her to all my friends.  And I can’t wait to purge my closet based off of our conversation! She is really gifted!”  Jen, Kansas

“I love the color swatches, makes it so much easier!  I take them shopping with me.  The info Kat gave me on my body type has been amazing and I use it daily.  It has helped me change the way I dress to better fit me.”  Ida, Florida

This can be your experience too, and it really is that easy!  Not only will this information save you time and money when shopping, it will build your confidence and guide your light to shine even brighter!

Let your light shine,

September 26, 2016